Syriza heading to landslide victory

If exit polls to be believed, Syriza this evening heading to a landslide victory. 

Dear Capitalism ... It's Over

Dear Capitalism … It’s Over

Lesson today from Greece: How to beat the fascist right? Build a real left. — Naomi Klein

It looks like Syriza is heading to a landslide victory.

A cause to celebrate.

We must all be prepared to join the fight of Greek people against EU and Germany.

If they implement autonomous, self-organising networks, that will be the most important thing they can do. Structural changes, that locks in community involvement and democratic participation.

Real democracy, not sham democracy, and how appropriate, Athens, the birth place of democracy.

If it causes disintegration of euro and break up of EU, that will be great too.

It is also going to change the narrative, there is no alternative to austerity, which is the only message from political-media establishment.

They are already reporting Syriza as hard left and that is BBC.

We need to correct the media.

We are seeing a radical alternative, Left-right has no meaning.

Syriza are called hard left in a crude attempt to discredit.

In the 1980s, we had right wing think tanks, the Chicago School of economics, they set the agenda, it is still the Agenda today.

There is no alternative, the Lady is not for turning, as Lady Thatcher was wont to say.

The entire political debate is couched in these terms by the political-media establishment.

Austerity is a myth, it is an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, cuts to welfare, closure of public libraries, mass transfer of wealth from poor to the rich.

Tweedledee v Tweedledum.

Tories v ToryLite.

Cast a vote to decide whose turn is it to climb aboard the gravy train, get snouts in the trough, act for Big Business paymasters.

A vote for Labour, is a vote for the status quo. In Scotland, vote SNP, in England vote Green Party, if you really wish to see change.

We have the most hated government in recent times. Labour should be way ahead in the polls, they are not because all they offer is ToryLite, more of the same. plus a disastrous leader Ed Miliband, who seems incapable of communicating and spouts meaningless sound bites.

If we want change, we have to get dirty money out of politics.

If we want change, we have to move away from the obsession with the Westminster pantomime. We have to form, self-organising autonomous networks, not replace one party with another, but take power to the grass roots make the system irrelevant. And if we need to send representatives we choose from our own midst, not have them imposed from above, party hacks who do not act for us.

This is happening in Greece, people are organising at grass roots. Syriza has come from Occupy, from the grass roots, are poised for a historic victory.

The fightback starts in Greece, not with Cameron v Miliband, Tory v ToryLite, with Clegg and scum LibDems willing to sell out to anyone.

If Syriza wins they are going to be bullied by Germany and EU. Across Europe we must show solidarity with Greeks, to help them stand firm.

What we have seen in Greece today, if offered a radical alternative, people feel it is worth casting a vote. 

If Syriza wins tonight, we will be able to see there is an alternative.

A longer version with references published on Medium.

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