Midday in Heighington

Blacksmith Lane

Blacksmith Lane

Midday pleasantly sunny, warm in the sun, but very cold in the shade, with a cold wind blowing.

Post Office, which annoyingly is closed in the afternoon, has an excellent selection of cheeses. But do not touch the pork pies, they are disgusting.

If you want excellent pork pies, then visit the local butcher, hidden at the back of the Spar shop. He is famous for the quality of his Lincolnshire sausages.

Butcher and Beast is an old pub with an open fire, or was. It serves food, or did. The menu board outside contained blank sheets of paper. A couple of years ago, the food was overpriced and not very good.

A small stream, Heighington Beck flows through the village, with a disused mill a little way upstream. There was a tea room by the Beck, but sadly this has closed.

Heighington is a small Lincolnshire village of stone cottages, not far outside of Lincoln.

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