Gerald Howarth: Who is he acting for?

Gerald Howarth not a record to be proud of

Gerald Howarth not a record to be proud of

Gerald Howarth not a record to be proud of

Gerald Howarth not a record to be proud of

Gerald Howarth is Member of Parliament for Aldershot (the constituency also includes Farnborough).

Would people vote for him if they knew who he acts for, that he abuses his position for nice little earners on the side?

Howarth is a long-time supporter of McDonald’s. He compares their service with that which he provides. He appears to saying he provides a junk service. Not a viewpoint many of his constituents would wish to disagree.

He claims to have Saved the Tumbledown Dick, a c 1720s coaching inn, one of the few remaing historical buildings in Farnborough. His claim to have Saved The Tumbledown Dick would surprise and has surprised the local community, as The TumbeDown Dick has been destroyed for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s. Why? Because Howarth did a dirty little back door deal behind the back of the local community with McDonald’s to destroy for a Drive-Thru. The dirty little deal that had been cooked up with McDonald’s, was then rubber-stamped by the local planning committee, pushed through by officials on a pack of lies.

A 2009 local health survey showed a rise in obesity in young children.

Apart from his salary and his nice little earners on the side, Howarth has claimed over £500,000 in expenses in the current parliamentary session.

He has two homes, at taxpayers expense. From Farnborough, it is a 36 minutes commute by train to Waterloo (a little longer from Aldershot), a short pleasant walk along the banks of the River Thames to the Houses of Parliament to his place of work (if you can call the pantomime of Westminster a place of work).

Many of his constituents, have a daily commute into London, there are people who are commuting to Gatwick Airport, working unsociable hours for minimum wage.

MPs recently voted themselves an 11% pay rise when most people have seen their wages frozen or cut and those on benefits have seen a cut. But not satisfied with his salary and expenses, and two homes, all at our expense, Howarth has nice little earners on the side.

Howarth claims a nice little earner from pay day loan sharks. Is it possible to sink any lower than to act for pay day loan sharks? Acting for pay day loan sharks, just one of many nice little earners on the side.

Hospitality from Japan Tobacco International (JPI).

Smoking kills. Howarth regularly opposes any curbs on the tobacco industry.

Howarth receives ‘sponsorship’ from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Bahrain.

Bahrain is one of the most repressive regimes in the world. They recently brutally repressed pro-democracy activists with the help of another brutally repressive regime, Saudi Arabia. The Saudis bastardise women, recently held down and beheaded a woman in the street, a blogger who established a forum to discuss political issues, has been sentenced to 1,000 lashes and has already received 50 lashes.

Should a member of the British Parliament be receiving money from a foreign power, let alone a repressive regime like Bahrain?

Howarth acts for McDonald’s, pay day loan companies, defence contractors, tobacco industry, repressive foreign regimes. Is this really the sort of person we wish to see in parliament, irrespective of the party they belong to?

Election to Parliament, is not the opportunity to climb aboard a gravy train, to get snouts in the trough, to act for Big Business. But for some it clearly is.

It is time to get dirty money out of politics.

We need more Members of Parliament like Caroline Lucas (Green Party Member for Brighton), who actually acts for the people who elected her, not acts for Big Businesses, who do not see a parliamentary seat as an opportunity to climb aboard a gravy train, to get snouts in the trough.

Howarth voted against the Right of Recall. It is easy to see why. He considered it to be step too far for democracy, illustrating once again the contempt he has for the local electorate.

There are homeless people sleeping in abandoned shop doorways in Aldershot town centre. Has Howarth ever popped by for a chat, enquired about their circumstances, offered to help, offered to pop in Caffe Macchiato and bring back a few coffees, maybe something to eat?

Special thanks to Watching Rushmoor for their excellent research into the unsavoury activities of Gerald Howarth.

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