Scandal of homeless living on the streets of Lincoln

homeless sleeping rough in abandoned shop doorways

homeless sleeping rough in abandoned shop doorways

homeless sleeping rough in abandoned shop doorways

homeless sleeping rough in abandoned shop doorways

In doorways of abandoned shops in Sincil Street and around the market, there are homeless living on the streets of Lincoln.

It is a scandal homeless sleeping in doorways, not that they are there, that is not the scandal, but they that they are homeless, that they have nowhere else to go, that they have no alternative than to sleep rough in abandoned shop doorways.

One poked his head out, and we had a chat.

Were there many (I had counted three)?

Yes, there are many of us.

Why, why are you here, why are you not being helped, the local council has a statutory obligation to house?

They are refusing to house us, we are not from around here.

What is happening, application of the principles of the Poor Laws?

When the Poor Laws were in force, and it sometimes feels as though they still are, how long before the Work House is open, the poor who were not from the Parish who were seen as a burden on the Parish, were pushed into the neighbouring Parish.

Everyone who passes by who does not act, should be hanging their heads in shame. They should be demanding action by Lincoln City Council. They hould be asking what is Member of Parliament for Lincoln Karl McCartney doing? Does he pop by, have a chat, ask what help he can provide, pop to Stokes and bring back a few coffees?

One of the few ‘successes’ of the evil ConDem government is to increase the numbers of homeless living on the streets and a massive increase in food banks.

Austerity is a myth. It is being used as an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, cuts to benefits, closure of Public Libraries. Food banks, the only growing sector.

Over the next few days, the rich, those who accrue ever more wealth to themselves and at the same time trash the planet, are meeting at WEF in Davos, eighty of the wealthiest people, who could easily fit in a double-decker bus, who control as much wealth as the poorest half of humanity, and yet homeless are sleeping on the streets of Lincoln, in one of the richest countries in the world.

The European Central bank is to pump one trillion euros into the failed euro zone. It will do nothing for the European economy, it will pump money into the banks and transfer more wealth from the poor to the rich.

The Bank of England pumped £375 billion through Quantitative Easing. It did nothing for the economy, all it did was pump money into the banks, inflated bonuses for greedy bankers,and transferred money from the poor to the rich.

It barely rises above zero during the day, last few mornings a hard frost, tonight it will drop below zero.

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One Response to “Scandal of homeless living on the streets of Lincoln”

  1. keithpp Says:

    St Mary le Wigford is the oldest church in Lincoln. A little cafe inside. Adjacent a soup kitchen for homeless. Reliant on donations of food, shops and supermarkets donating surplus food.

    Everyone benefits, shops do not have to pay for disposal of surplus, it does not go to landfill or incineration, and people get fed.

    Win-win all round. And yet what is a disgrace, local business are complaining, trying to stop the donation of food. How low can you sink?

    What would be an excellent idea, open up one of the abandoned shops in Sincil Street (a street blighted by unwanted development) at a peppercorn rent, serves quality meals at either low price or free with a donation, pay what you can afford.

    Transition Community Cafe
    Bristol Skipchen surplus food cafe

    Treatment of homeless in Lincoln is a disgrace. They are being bussed out of the area to fiddle the homeless figures. Lincoln Prison is also fiddling the books on prisoners kicked out with no where to stay, but they try to get them into a shelter so it looks as though they are not being kicked out on the street.

    This is to go back to the Poor Laws.

    Many of the homeless are finding benefits are being stopped on a whim. Sick bastards in Lincoln Job Centre take a sick pleasure in sanctioning vulnerable people. Yet another example of fiddling figures.

    Next time you hear the ConDem government say jobless figures are down, challenge the liars.

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