Gerald Howarth Saves The Tumbledown Dick

Gerald Howarth serves a Big Whopper

Gerald Howarth serves a Big Whopper

The Tumbledown Dick demolition

The Tumbledown Dick demolition

Gerald Howarth must think the local community stupid if his latest Big Whopper is anything to go by.

What can only be seen as an insult to the intelligence of local people, Gerald Howarth claims to have Saved The Tumbledown Dick.

Really, in that case it must be an illusion that it has been demolished, the oldest part demolished, the internals gutted, leaving only most but not all of the front façade intact.

And for what, a Drive-Thru McDonald’s, when there is a Drive Thru only a mile up the road.

The stomach churning stench from McDonald’s is not the only stomach churning stench coming from The Tumbledown Dick.

This is the same Gerald Howarth who did a dirty behind closed doors deal with McDonald’s to destroy Tumbledown Dick, then blatantly lied he had saved.

First he made much of the historic importance of The Tumbledown Dick. The same Gerald Howarth whose track record was to back all the way the destruction of Farnborough town centre, even going so far as to call one retailer whose livelihood was at stake to tell him he could not understand what he was complaining about. Then having emphasised the historic importance of The Tumbledown Dick, he does a dirty little back-door deal with McDonald’s to destroy The Tumbledown Dick. Then having bragged at the rubber-stamping of his sleazy little deal, he has the gall to blatantly lie that he Saved The Tumbledown Dick. You could not make it up if you tried.

Far from Saving The Tumbledown Dick, Gerald Howarth was instrumental in its destruction. Without any consultation with the local community, Howarth engaged in a sleazy back door deal with McDonald’s to destroy a c 1720s coaching inn.

What else doe Howarth get up to?

Serving up a Big Mac and fries. Serving Big Whoppers seems to be a bad habit.

Howarth compares the service he provides with that of McDonald’s:

I myself have 75,000 constituents who I serve and I do that in a similar that McDonald’s approaches its customers.

In the infamous McLibel trial more than a decade ago, the barrister acting for McDonald’s admitted in court they serve junk food.

Is this an implicit admission by Howarth that he provides a junk service? The local community that fought hard to save The Tumbledown would not wish to disagree.

It takes a low life specimen of humanity to act for a pay day loan shark.

Howarth did however have his five minutes of fame, acting as handbag carrier for the Iron Lady.

Howarth opposed the Right of Recall, the right of constituents to dismiss their Member of Parliament. It is easy to see why, turkeys do not vote for Christmas.

Gerald Howarth is a prime example of why people have nothing but contempt for politicians.

It is time to get dirty money out of politics.

Not though only Gerald Howarth.

Vile local trolls did their best to sabotage the campaign, one persistent troll, a public disgrace as a county councillor, posted misinformation, displayed ignorance of planning matters, posted abuse and eventually had to be blocked from posting comments.

Gerald Howarth serves a whopper

Gerald Howarth serves a whopper

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2 Responses to “Gerald Howarth Saves The Tumbledown Dick”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Interesting comments on the local rag.

    Vile local troll once again displaying his usual ignorance and showing his contempt for local people.

    This is the troll who during the campaign, posted misleading comments, demonstrated his ignorance of planning, regularly abused people.

    Vile troll contradicts himself, claims no one could be found to buy The Tumbledown Dick, then goes on to say it was not put on the market.

    Vile troll digs himself further and further into a hole. Claims fate of The Tumbledown Dick was sealed long before there was a campaign to save it. In other words he is saying what we all know, planning applications are pre-determined on behalf of greedy developers and Big Business.

    We know from internal e-mails, that when it was known McDonald’s were interested, it was uncontrolled glee.

    Where was the vile troll, ward councillors, local Member of Parliament when there were holes in the roof of The Tumbledown Down Dick, water pouring in through the holes, wanton neglect? Why were they not demanding action from owners Bride Hall, why were they not demanding the local council take enforcement action?

    As he regularly demonstrates, unfit to hold public office.

    Gerald Howarth met in secret with McDonald’s to stitch up a deal to demolish the pub, leaving behind the front façade. The internals have been gutted, the oldest part demolished.

    No archaeological study was carried out as the building was demolished.

    Howarth did not discuss with the local community what he was stitching up with McDonald’s. He went ahead knowing full well the local community did not wish to see one of the oldest buildings in Farnborough destroyed.

    Contrast action by Howarth with the action by other MPs to save their local pub, even meeting with boss of Tesco and persuading to walk away from a deal to turn a local pub into a Tesco.

    Howarth’s hands are not clean as he has in the past acted for McDonald’s. He also acts for pay day loan sharks.

    The building is now an eyesore Drive Thru McDonald’s, Increased street cleaning.

    Three ward councillors also met with McDonald’s and were party to the stitch up, two of who were members of the planning committee, one of who was chairman of the committee.

    Councillors were advised not to meet with the local community.

    The chairing of the committee was a disgrace, the chairman allowed councillors to raise matters of no relevance, allowed them to repeatedly abuse the local community, allowed sexists remarks to be made by one misogynist on the committee (who also met with McDonald’s). The chairman was a puppet, with the head of planning pulling his strings, whispering in his ear, telling him what to say.

    Two members of the committee who did challenge, on health and traffic, were immediately referred to officials to comment.

    The application was pushed through on a pack of lies from officials. No one questioned the lies.

    Detailed arguments why the application should not be passed, were not put before the committee.

    Legal advice was obtained (at local taxpayers expense) to say health not a planning issue. No one questioned why this advice was obtained, no one saw the advice, no one questioned why it was not included in the Agenda.

    Rubber-stamping of the application, councillors a bunch of mindless sheep, voting how they are told to vote.

    Following the rubber-stamping, the chairman was stupid enough to brag how pleased he was his committee had approved the deal he had reached with McDonald’s.

    It is known that someone intimately associated with the planning application received a £20,000 thank you from McDonald’s. It is not known who as McDonald’s refuse to say.

    If nothing else, there needs to be a criminal investigation.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Gerald Howarth: Who is he acting for?

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