Slap her face

Very moving.

And yet, Oldham are poised to sign a rapist.

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2 Responses to “Slap her face”

  1. Helen Mckenna Says:

    cant see any relevance to who Oldham sign or don’t sign. If you’re referring to Ched Evans he’s served his time let him go back to earning a living or is it better for him to claim jobseekers? Ridiculous.

  2. keithpp Says:

    Rapist Ched Evans has not served his time, he was released half way through his sentence, he was released on licence. Should there be any misdemeanour, he is straight back into prison.

    Three Appeal Court Judges have looked at his case, decided no miscarriage of justice, nothing in the evidence to question the verdict, of rape and denied him the Right of Appeal.

    No one is denying him working, they are saying he is an unfit person to play in top football.

    Nothing to stop him working a a toilet cleaner for a club, nothing to stop him giving something back to society, work for nothing for a charity.

    As a convicted rapist, he will be on sex offenders register that will restrict what access he has to women, which in turn will restrict what job he can do.

    What of team ,mates? Do they wish to play with a rapist, thinking it could be their girlfriend, their sister.

    Sentence is not simply prison, it is a debt to society.

    The sentence was light. In many countries he would have had a very long sentence, even been executed.

    The rape victim has a life sentence.

    Would you like to be raped? Maybe then you would think differently.

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