Remove money from politics!

Since my book came out … I’ve subjected to incredible media attack, which makes me think perhaps the establishment is not as stable as it would have us believe. — Russell Brand

The revolution is in the block chain. — Max Keiser

An interesting discussion between Max Keiser, Stacy Herbert and Russell Brand.

There are many things we can do to improve our present democratic system, which most would agree, apart from those who have their snouts in the trough, that it is broke beyond repair:

  • involve the people
  • keep dirty money out

We have to move to real democracy, participatory democracy, where it is the people who decide, not corrupt politicians.

We have to get money out of politics.

Only a few days ago, we had Big Business summon David Cameron to Brussels to demand why he was not doing enough to push TTIP, the mass transfer of power to Big Business.

Seizing of money in Cyprus banks about 18 months ago, was seen as a dry run, could they get away with it.

At G20, the media attention was on Vladimir Putin scuttling away with his tail between his legs. Which enabled them to slip through, our money in the banks is now their money, to be used when they are too big to fail.

Vladimir Putin has bailed out a big Russian bank, others expect to be bailed out. Has Putin learned no lessons? You do not bail out banks, you let them go to the wall. Follow the example of Iceland.

Do not talk about inequality, because if enough people do, maybe they will be galvanised into action.

The boss of Lloyds bank in 1980 was on £80,000 per annum. If average wages had kept pace, the average worker would be earning today £435,00 per annum, not £25,000 per annum.

If the elite in Saudi Arabia want more money, they simply turn the taps and let more oil flow. In England they print more money, and hand it to the banks, it bypasses the real economy.

The value of the workers share of the economy is going down. It has gone down from over 50% of GDP to around 40% today.

Compared with Christmas 2012, the numbers using food banks has tripled.

That is the price the poor has paid for evil ConDem government policies. And useless Ed Miliband is promising more of the same under ToryLite.

Austerity has failed, it was an excuse for Shock Doctrine, slash and burn of public services, cuts for the poor, the elderly and the infirm.

Greece has seen its economy shrink by 25% under austerity.

And as we are seeing, even affluent Farnham is suffering.

We are screwed by privatised rail and energy companies.

How do we fight back?

We organise. We follow the excellent example of the New Era Estate tenants who fought US venture capitalists Westbrook and won. We link with other groups fighting the same battles. We share expertise,

In This Changes Everything, Naomi Klein has a chapter on Blockadia, it is not a place, it is a frontier, the frontier where local communities are doing battle with Big Business, not only doing battle, but winning.

Smear and distraction.

The Sun smeared Russell Brand when he highlighted the plight of New Era tenants, Channel 4 were more interested where Russell Brand lived, pathetic Jo the Banker was concerned his hot launch was getting cold when overzealous security locked down RBS when Russell Brand to ask a few questions.

Mayor of New York has banned Westbrook, why no mention in mainstream media, why not banned in London? Westbrook kicked out of New York for predatory practices. In US a pariah.

We do not play their game. Once you play the game, you are in the game, and they set the rules.

Boycott the banks. You do not have to use the banks. Deal in cash. Credit card and debit card is a tracking device. Use crowd funding to finance projects. Use crypto-currencies. BitCoin, FairCoin, StartCoin.

Crowd funding in politics. Mark Reckless and Caroline Lucas are both using crowd funding.

Mark Reckless defected from the Tories to UKIP, stood for re-election, and won. In what can only be described as petty childishness and PR disaster of the year, Tories sued Mark Reckless for the cost of a now useless leaflet. He is using crowd funding to finance his legal defence.

Caroline Lucas is using crowd funding to finance a re-election campaign.

Crowd funding Trews. Replace canopy outside a newsagent promoting The Sun with one promoting the Trews.

Crowd funded film, Sell-Off – The Abolition of Your NHS, exposes scandal of NHS privatisation that is happening right now.

Creative direct action, use social media.

UK Uncut could have had a demo to expose tax dodging. Instead, they used social media to coordinate occupation of Starbucks and Vodafone.

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