Social cleansing in Hendon

Our West Hendon

Our West Hendon

The battle of the New Era Estate tenants with a vulture capitalist property company focussed attention on the social cleansing that is happening in London.

But as we now learn, New Era Estate is only the tip of a very dirty iceberg.

Hendon, a council estate given away to a property company, together with a pile of cash, to demolish the council housing, to build tower blocks for sale to dirty money.

What Mayor Boris classes as brown field sites, is land occupied by council housing.

I am used to fighting and exposing local authority corruption, but even I have not seen corruption on this scale.

This though is not new. A decade or so ago, I was working with squatters on the Pepys Estate, who fighting something similar. A council estate that when it was built, the people worked with the architects. But, you cannot have council tenants occupying prime land on the bank of The Thames overlooking Canary Wharf, that will never do, and they were kicked out.

Shirley Porter found guilty of gerrymandering in Westminster, escaped a prison sentence when she fled the country.

Please sign the petition to support those losing their home thanks to local council corruption.

Barnet Housing Action, is fighting corruption across Barnet.

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  1. loopeyange Says:

    Reblogged this on loopeyange and commented:
    Social cleansing on yet another Council Estate/Social Housing/affordable rent allocated properties – this has to STOP. Please read this chaps blog and there’s a link to a petition you can sign – thanks 👍

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