Russell Brand And New Era Estate Score Amazing London Housing Victory

You can let corporate power walk all over you, or you can do as the New Era Estate tenants stand up and fight.

Westbrook acquired their estate. They were facing a tripling of rents and eviction. But instead of being cowed, they stood and fought.

First they drove out the Rachman Benyon Brothers who held a 10% holding, and the latest news, they have driven out Westbrook.

New Era Estate tenants are an example to everyone, either lie down and roll over or stand up up and fight, do whatever it takes, not look for pathetic excuses for inaction.

It is easy why the corporate controlled media is so keen to smear Russell Brand, last week it was The Sun, this week Daily Mail.

These ideas could spread.

New Era Estate has been sold to a charitable trust who will set fair rents, and woe be to them if they try to do otherwise.

People are willing to come together and participate in a democracy where they know they can make a difference. What they are not willing to do is to cast a vote in a sham democracy to decide who has a turn at getting their snouts in the trough and act for Big Business.

All over the world, at the frontier between corporate power and local communities, people are standing their ground and winning.

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