Cold afternoon in Farnham

setting sun

setting sun

Farnham Parish Church

Farnham Parish Church

A cold afternoon, though no frost on the river bank as last week.

River Wey flowing fast.

Farnham was surprisingly quiet. I expected it to be heaving. Maybe everyone else expected it to be the same, last weekend before Christmas, and wisely stayed away.

I expected at the butcher, to be queuing out the door and up the street. No, he said, it was quiet. He said he expected Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday to be busy.

Cook too was quiet, I their only customer. But then they always are quiet, unless they have an offer, as they are massively overpriced and not matched by the quality.

Waitrose is a nightmare at the best of times, and each weeks gets worse. I dreaded what the last weekend before Christmas was going to be like. It was quiet. Maybe everyone thought the same, and wisely avoided Waitrose. Maybe one day Waitrose will recognise they cannot take customers for granted and do something about their piss-poor service.

Yet another example of something very wrong with Stagecoach. 1510 No 18 bus Aldershot to Haslemere, driver refused to accept a bus pass and forced a woman to pay. She said this happens regularly with this driver. She contacts bus company, they apologise and she gets a refund. I learnt something new, the name of the driver is on the bus ticket. Why are drivers not obliged to wear name badges?

Returning from Farnham, I was asked did the No 5 bus leave from The Borough. I said yes, as in the past I have caught it when 17, 18 or 19 has not turned up. I asked the driver of the bus I caught. He said it depends where it has come from, it could come down Castle Street. And as we pulled away, as if on cue, a No 5 came down Castle Street.

How crazy can you get, where the bus stops depends where it has come from?

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