Guildford farmers market

Angel Inn

Angel Inn

Guildford farmers market is usually first Tuesday of the month, today was an additional market.

Better than last market, when it was a cold miserable day. Today cold, but at least not damp.

Bread off Celtic Baker, and a flapjack, very expensive cheese off one of the cheese stalls, apples off apple stall.

A new fish stall. Mainly fish cakes. No fresh fish crabs, lobsters. They would love to have, but not sure when other stalls have similar produce. I said yes, healthy competition and gives customers who support the market choice.

Very busy, some stalls impossible to get near.

Lots of stalls selling overpriced tat.

Three pitches with musicians today.

I had a chat with David Mwaniki. He was selling a CD for a tenner, Songs from the Garden. Far too high a price. A tenner people will think twice, a fiver they will not. I advised him to upload his music to bandcamp. For his current album Songs from the Garden not possible, as only three are his own songs and he would run into all sorts of copyright issues. Yet another example of copyright stifling creativity.

He thanked me and let me have a CD for a fiver.

Note: If you come across David Mwaniki, buy Songs from the Garden, pay a tenner, it is well worth a tenner.

lunch at Thai restaurant

lunch at Thai restaurant

Lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage. So so, not up to their usual high standard. When the boss is not there, standards slip and staff unpleasant and surly.

Earlier, popped in Phyllis Tuckwell charity shop. Now relocated to Quarry Street. Why do they have to have moronic music and commercials for Phyllis Tuckwell playing all day? Unpleasant for customers and very unpleasant working conditions for the staff. Once again an example of someone at head office where their salary exceeds the number of brain cells, imposing crass stupidity on lower levels.

A coffee and cookie in Harris + Hoole.

There will be no farmers market in January. Normal service resumed in February, first Tuesday of the month in Guildford High Street.

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