Afternoon in Farnham

River Wey flowing through Gostrey Meadow

River Wey flowing through Gostrey Meadow

First hard frost of the winter this morning. In the shade frost remained all day.

Walking by the River Wey, frost on the banks.

Rehearsals in Farnham Parish Church by Waverley Singers for a Christmas concert this evening. Last week Vivaldi Singers, this week The Waverley Singers.

A large poster for Will Todd. The choir were singing two of his pieces. He was not around, maybe this evening, I was told. A pity, as I may have bought his latest album Lux Et Veritas.

Will Todd was commissioned by The Waverley Singers to write The Mind That Lives to mark celebrate the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Cobbett, who lived in a farmhouse, now The William Cobbett pub. But do not get over excited, it is all of eight minutes long.

It is strange, you do not think of an amateur choir commissioning a work, you think of the composer sitting down and composing. Traditionally that is how the system worked. Raises interesting questions on copyright: Who owns the work? Or is it placed in the public domain? Can anyone perform, do they have pay a fee, if so, who to?

Website of Will Todd is a classic of how not to, big record label outmoded thinking stamped all over it. Snippets of videos, lofi mp3 samples. This does absolutely no justice to the works of Will Todd and is an insult to those who may like and wish to listen to his music. He is not doing himself any favours.

Put entire live recordings on youtube or vimeo, upload all albums to bandcamp. Then can embed on his website, people who go to a concert can share.

Talking to one of the choir, he said the acoustics were very good in the church. He was hoping the heating came on. He said it came on at five oclock. It seems a strange time for it to come on, as the church clsoes at dusk

A candle lit. And yes, there were candles.

On my way out, a poster in the porch for an album release by a singer-songwriter I know. I do not recall seeing the notice last week. It was for a concert yesterday.

I tend to forget, it is worth visiting Farnham Parish church as useful location for what’s on in Farnham.

I thought service in Waitrose could not possibly be worse than last week. Sadly they once again prove me wrong.

full moon and Christmas lights

full moon and Christmas lights

Walking along The Borough, wonderful juxtaposition of full moon and Christmas lights.

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One Response to “Afternoon in Farnham”

  1. misakouroco Says:

    Ah beautiful music and a brilliant musician – thanks for the share! That would be lovely to go live concert, indeed. And thanks for my tweet on this lovely post 🙂

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