Russell Brand: Who are the real hypocrites?

Sun garbage

Sun garbage

So @rustyrockets is to be condemned for the behaviour of his LANDLORD! How much more desperate can The Sun get? — George Monbiot

Warning all those who have dodgy landlords: you could find yourself on the front page of the Sun, being attacked for the way they behave! — George Monbiot

When Russell Brand helped the New Era Estate tenants fight their Rachman landlords, went with them to No 10 Downing Street to deliver a petition of almost a million signatures supporting their cause, he was accosted by a journo from Channel 4 News, who wanted to know how much his house cost, the reply was it was rented, and what had that got to do with tenants on New Era Estate facing eviction.

Natasha Devon, The Independent:

A television news crew was sent to report the protest; something we can only assume would not have happened had Brand not been supporting them. During the subsequent interview, Russell was quizzed about the cost of his own private accommodation (which, incidentally, he rents). When he (quite rightly) responded that this had nothing to do with the protest, the reporter insisted that Brand’s own housing circumstances were relevant, in that the relative opulence of the same seemingly jarred with Brand’s socialist politics. Several times Brand attempted to move focus back to the plight of the New Era estate and was shouted down by his interviewer. Visibly angered, Russell called the reporter ‘snide’.

Now, apparently according to gutter Murdoch press The Sun, Russell Brand is somehow at fault because his landlord is a tax dodger.

What matters, is not where Russell Brand lives, what matters is that poor people are being socially cleansed out of London, what matters is that Russell Brand is prepared to go down to their estate, listen to what they have to say and take up their cause.

And that is what has the establishment worried.

They would be even more worried if they read Revolution.

People are no longer prepared to waste their time and energy and cast a pointless vote, they are more and more willing to take direct action, to man the barricades, to confront the corruption that passes off as a democracy.

Ordinary people are learning how to organise, how to use social media, how to link up with others fighting the same corrupt elite.

Russell Brand was there. He even talked to the Mayor of New York, where tenants too are being abused and evicted by WestCrook aka Westbrook.

The questions the media should be asking, and would be asking, were it not they are owned by the same corrupt elite, is why are these tenants facing eviction, where was David Cameron, Ed Miliband and London Mayor Boris, where are the local councillors?

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