Guildford farmers market

Guildford farmers market December

Guildford farmers market

Angel Gate

Angel Gate

Christmas lights

Christmas lights

Old Town Hall

Old Town Hall

Guildford farmers market is a miserable affair at this time of year at the best of times. Today a very sorry affair, cold damp, few stalls. I felt very sorry for those manning the stalls.

A hassle getting to Guildford.

Dysfunctional trains and buses: It was touch and go, if I would make the Reading-Guildford train if I walked to the station and caught the train, therefore I decided to catch a bus to Aldershot (problematic as bus service so unreliable) and catch the Aldershot-Guildford cattle truck. I managed with a few minutes to spare, only to find no train, half an hour wait for next train. I thought maybe catch the bus, even though I had paid for the train. I asked the bus driver what time bus arrived in Guildford. His dumb reply: When it gets there. As it was a clapped-out double decker bus and not a very pleasant journey, I decided to wait for the next clapped-out cattle truck. On arrival at Guildford to find I had been sold wrong tickets. More hassle sorting that out.

Net result, over an hour later than I wished to arrive at the farmers market, cold damp and miserable in the Hight Street.

I would have had lunch at Thais restaurant in Jeffries Passage, but far too late. I decided on lunch at Glutton & Glee.

On leaving Glutton & Glee the temperature had noticeably dropped. Before, very wet and damp, now very dry.

Coffee at Costa. Not my choice, A friend said let’s go there, as she had arranged to meet a friend. How can anyone drink this rubbish? No surprise almost empty. Harris + Hoole at this time of day would be packed.

Cattle truck to Aldershot.

No bus at seven o’clock, had to wait 20 minutes for the next bus.

Guildford farmers market is held on the first Tuesday of the month. There will be no market in January. There will be an extra market in two weeks time.

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