Lunar Mission One

Note: These videos are gross. Waffle, and nothing or very little on the project.

Note: Leaving DNA on the Moon is incredibly foolhardy. What alien species has access?

Lunar Mission One has to be the most ambitious crowd funding project to date, a mission to the Moon.

The mission will be in ten years time to land a probe on the south pole of the Moon

  • largest crater in the universe
  • in direct sunlight
  • in direct line of sight with the earth

A core sample will be drilled, at least 20m, possibly 100m deep.

A time capsule will also be left on the Moon honouring those who made Lunar Mission One possible.

We have all been stunned by a a rendezvous with a comet, orbiting a comet, then sending a lander down to the surface of the comet.

Crowd funding has a long history.

The Great Exhibition in Crystal Palace was made possible by public subscription.

So much money was raised including tickets sales, it paid for the V&A, Natural History Museum, Science Museum, Royal Albert Hall and Imperial College. The Trust still exists, and makes available for science, £2 million every year.

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