Since publication of Revolution, Russell Brand has been subjected to vicious attacks by the political-media establishment, and every troll has crawled out from under its stone to join the attack.

If nothing else, it shows Russell Brand has hit some home truths with Revolution, and the corrupt elite are worried.

Revolution is proving to be a best seller. Putting ideas into the hands of the unwashed masses will never do. Not when the political-media establishment has done its best to suppress every anti-austerity protest.

The latest from the trolls is to bombard Russell Brand with Parklife.

Pretty moronic, but does one expect anything better from moronic trolls?

Not one to sit ideally by, Russell Brand has struck back with a little video clip featuring himself and Irish group Rubberbandits.

In less than twelve hours, over 370,000 views on youtube.

First they mock you, then they abuse you, then they take you out and put a bullet in your head.


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