Hijack tax-dodging Starbucks #redcups

When you have to pay to get a hashtag trending on twitter, it is a sign of desperation, but that is exactly what tax-dodging Starbucks has done with their #redcups hashtag.

Tell Starbucks what you think of their tax-dodging, disgusting coffee and bad employment conditions using their #redcups hashtag.

It matters little what colour their cups, it is still disgusting coffee, served by a tax-dodging corporation.

If you are drinking coffee at Starbucks you have no idea what decent coffee tastes like.

Tax dodging is not a victimless crime, it results in library closures, hospital closures, potholes in the road, benefit cuts.

Support your local indy coffee shop and drink decent coffee for a change.

We have the right to know what is in our coffee? What muck Starbucks is pouring into their red cups? Right? Not if you are Starbucks or Monsanto. They are taking Vermont to court to try an overturn a state law that requires labelling.

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