Mobile phone scam

Telecomms companies are keeping quiet about a massive mobile phone fraud. When victims are stung, the phone companies are targeting the victims not the fraudsters to recover the money.

There is no such thing as easy money, unless you are a banker, so why do people fall so easily for scam get-rich-quick schemes?

Students are being targeted with a mobile phone scam that runs something like this …

Hand over your name, address, bank account and other personal details. We will send you a brand new iPhone or other top quality phone. Pop it in the post to an address we will give you. For each one, we will pay £50 (which is why we need your bank account details).

Want to make even more money? Recruit all your mates, and we will give you 20%.

Sound too good to be true?

Unfortunately it was.

Mobile phone contracts, often multiple phone contrasts (that is where the phones came from) were taken out in the names of those who handed over their personal details. Many students are now thousands if not tens of thousands of pounds in debt and are being pursued by the mobile phone companies and debt collectors.

The mobile phone companies know there is a fraud, and yet it is the victims they are chasing, not the fraudsters?

EE claims one in ten phone contracts in targeted areas are fraudulent. In that case, why no information in their shops, no leaflets, no posters, no warning to customers, staff not even aware?

EE claim there are leaflets in their shops. Not true. Not only no leaflets, the staff are not aware.

In one EE shop, staff even took the trouble to check on their system, and could find nothing. The first they knew, was when they were asked and had to be told what was going on.

The phone companies know there is fraud. But rather than target the fraudsters, they are targeting the victims of the fraud.

Anyone who is a victim, should report to the police and refuse to pay a penny to the greedy mobile phone companies.

Universities and student unions should be doing more. They should be alerting students, and when they fall victim, giving legal support including representation in court should the phone companies pursue through the court.

If harassed by a debt collector, it is just that, harassment. Report to the police and refuse to hand over a penny.

Only a Court can order payment of a debt, and as this is a fraudulent debt, should be challenged in court.

The mobile phone companies are shysters.

Vodafone does not pay tax.

They con customers into taking out expensive mobile phone contracts, when it is far cheaper to buy an unlocked phone and pay as you go with a sim card from giffgaff and other virtual networks.

Contracts are a massive rip-off, that is why the companies are so keen to push them, as a lot of money to be made. Users are nearly always better off buying an unlocked phone and a pay as you go sim from Lebara or Lycamobile or giffgaff.

Note: LycaMobile a tax-dodger and major Tory Party donor.

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