New Forest Steak Burger Co

Winchester is a terrible place for lunch. I have a burger off a stall, New Forest Steak Burger Co. It is excellent.

Burgers do not have to be McShit served by the Fat Clown.

I tell the man, Winchester terrible place for lunch. He tells me, I am the third person to tell him that.

But, he using polystyrene burger boxes. No excuse when there are card alternatives. Also shrink-wrapped tomatoes from a supermarket. Why, when there is an excellent fruit and veg stall. Similar with his bread, when there is an excellent bread stall?

I find Jimmy Bean. Excellent coffee.

Winchester has some excellent food stalls.

  • Jimmy Bean for coffee
  • New forest Steak Burger Co
  • Bread stall
  • Cheese stall

Ask any of them about their produce and they will be able to tell you.

Jimmy Bean will be able to tell you about coffee. The bread stall what flour, how baked, where it is from. The cheese stall, where the cheeses are from how they have been produced, a sliver to taste.

New Forest Steak Burger Co is no exception.

A must for Guildford farmers market, first Tuesday of the month in Guildford High Street.

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