Afternoon in Guildford

A lovely sunny afternoon though nothing like yesterday, when it hit 23.6C, but then yesterday was exceptional.

Why was I going to Guildford? I knew there were rail works Sunday, then I remembered rail works Saturday too. Thus surprised trains running. But relief short lived, rail works Guildford onwards. The station no longer provided with details of timetable changes, simply notified of rail works.

Guy playing acoustic guitar at bottom of High Street. Never seen him before. He was quite good. But they do not learn. Unknown person trying to sell CDs at a tenner. Er no, try a fiver. I advised he used bandcamp which he had never heard of.

Lunch at Guildford Institute.

Guildford is a place to avoid on a Saturday. The only reason I was there, was Ben’s Record Fair in the Guildhall, and only for one stall, a record dealer from Reading. He was not there. As for the rest, I have never seen such a miserable bunch of people.

By the time I got back to the market, stalls packed up, sold out.

Cappuccino in Harris + Hoole. They are their own worst enemy at times. I was talking to a lady from Finland with a little girl, and as she said excellent coffee, horrendous racket, no napkins, filthy tables piled up with dirty crockery, no toilet paper in the toilets.

It was not long gone six o’clock (they close at seven o’clock), and they were throwing away the food. Why not mark down half price, why not give away? An appalling waste. Or as the Iranian guy with the lady from Finland said, appalling bad management head office.

All in all, a wasted afternoon.

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