Man drives through hairdressers

car drives through  hairdressers

car drives through hairdressers

Late morning an elderly man drove through a hairdressers in Giffard Drive in Farnborough.

Why? Absolutely no idea. Possibly he hit the a accelerator rather than the brake. Or he could have had a heart attack or a stroke or a fit.

He was in a state of shock. But, he looked in no fit state to be driving full stop.

This raises the question of fitness to drive.

Cars are given MoTs, so should drivers. Fitness to drive based on both health and the ability to drive.

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2 Responses to “Man drives through hairdressers”

  1. raglanvictim Says:

    I have always said that all drivers should be retested every 10 or so years, a medical and/or a quick turn around a simple test route for a modest fee. This would ensure that those of us lucky to be shown capable of it would be allowed to continue driving these mobile death machines, under license, of course. I also think that penalties for crappy driving should be harsher, drink driving for example should result in a lifetime ban, not 6 months and a paltry 200£ fine.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I agree driving penalties should be much tougher than they are.

    If you are banned, have to sit a test before can drive again.

    Drink driving should receive a lengthy bad, as should

    – driving under influence of drugs

    – driving using a mobile phone (even hands free)

    – driving with load music blasting out

    Loud music, is not only antisocial, it has the same effect as drinking a couple of pints of beer.

    There should be regular testing of drivers on both health and abilty.

    Loss of livelihood should not be a mitigating circumstance for loss of licence. Should have though f that before.

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