If you want to kill local tourism, wipe out the local economy, then allow all inclusive hotels



If you want to kill local tourist industry, wipe out the local economy dependent on tourism, then allow all inclusive hotels.

This is what is happening in Puerto de la Cruz in Tenerife.

This is happening in Protaras in Cyprus.

There are other factors at play, austerity means people have no spending money, poor and falling standards at hotels, taking clients for granted, bad tourists losing the good tourists, but the prime mover destroying the tourist industry is all inclusive hotels.

In Puerto de la Cruz, boarded-up shops and bars and restaurants, businesses of 30 years closed, bars that would be open gone midnight, where they employed four or more people, now closing at ten o’clock at night, only employing one person. A dozen hotels are sitting empty, others are not full, two or three floors empty. Dependency on subsidised Spanish peasants (a back door to bailing out failing hotels), is driving out quality tourists.

In Protaras in May, few people on the streets at night, restaurant and bar owners with long faces, during the day, boats that sailed from the pier along the coast twice a day were only sailing once a day as there was not enough passengers to justify the fuel for a second trip. In September, where the streets would normally be crowded, more like a typical May, only May was no longer typical. Whereas the bars and restaurants were busy, they were not full, and several were almost empty.

Protaras has an additional problem. All inclusive hotels, most of the money goes to the tour company (and that is why they are so keen to push all inclusive), some goes to the hotel owner, and a little trickles down to the staff employed, some of which finds its way into the local economy. Only with Protaras, many of the all inclusive hotels are employing cheap foreign labour not local labour, and so almost nothing finds its way into the local economy.

All inclusive attracts the bottom end of the tourist market who wish to drink themselves senseless all day.

They is no such thing as a free lunch, or free dinner. Quality suffers.

If drinks and food is free all day, no reason to go out to a bar or restaurant. It is not only the bars and restaurants that suffer, so do all the other businesses that people no longer walk by, footfall dries up.

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One Response to “If you want to kill local tourism, wipe out the local economy, then allow all inclusive hotels”

  1. Lucia from Agora Puerto de la Cruz Says:

    I’m totally agree!

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