0907 Gatwick-Reading train First Great Western fail

An hourly train runs Gatwick to Reading, stopping at major stations and interchanges en-route.

One such station is North Camp. The exception being the 0907 Gatwick-Reading train. It stops as usual en-route to Guildford, then from Guildford, fast to Reading, passing through North Camp without stopping.

The only way to reach North Camp and other stations where the Gatwick-Reading train would normally stop is to alight at Redhill or Guildford and change to the stopping train.

Redhill is the better option as less time to wait.

This morning the slow train several minutes late.

Note: Slow stopping train runs Redhill to Reading.

The queues at Gatwick Station in the morning are appalling, stretching right back into the South Terminal. A major airport serving London, and yet a station ticket office totally inadequate to cope with the demand. The barriers should be removed, or at the very least left open at peak times, giving passengers the option to purchase a ticket on the train. But the greed-driven privatised rail companies would rather treat passengers as criminals than provide a service.

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