Coffee Island

Coffee Island

Coffee Island

Coffee Island is a classic example of how not to.

A couple of days ago, a look around, walked out, deafened by a widescreen TV, unable to hold conversation without shouting.

Why widescreen TV? Because all have. Not a  good reason.

People go in coffee shops to relax.

coffee beans

coffee beans

Coffee for sale, many different beans, but no indication of roast date or country of origin, single source or blend.

Coffee is at its best, one week after roast date and for a three week period. From the wide variety of different coffee beans on sale, limited turnover, coffee is going to be long past its best.

Staff tried to be helpful, but unable to give any information on the coffee they were selling.

Coffee should be kept in dark, cool, dry conditions. Somewhat ironic, sign in Coffee Island actually states this.

30C during the day, 27C at night, high humidity, coffee exposed to strong Cypriot sunlight.

freddo cappuccino

freddo cappuccino

Freddo cappuccino requested.

Milk left foaming whilst wandered off to do something else.

It is important to watch, to get constituency right. Clearly was not right, as when poured over the coffee, did not separate into the classic, creamy brown, creamy white layers.

Served in plastic takeaway not glass. Yuk.

Freddo cappuccino not only tastes good, looks good too. But not if served in plastic, not if obscured by corporate crap.

A franchise. Why waste money on a franchise no one bar Cypriots has heard of? And not many Cypriots either. Open an indy coffee shop with skilled baristas who know what they are doing.

Loud music, though not as bad as football a few days previous.

The only positive,  slightly raised above street level, with views along the street.

For quality coffee, go to patisserie amelie across the street.

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