Scotland votes NO

Scotland referendum ballot paper

Scotland referendum ballot paper

‘The political class really ought to take a lesson from this referendum campaign because the one thing that came over on the doorsteps was utter cynicism about the political class. — Conservative peer and former Scotland Secretary Lord Forsyth

An outbreak of commons sense in Scotland

  • NO – 2,001,926 – 55%
  • YES – 1,617,989 – 45%

It was not a decisive victory for NO, as the BBC reported, which once again shows how slanted and biased BBC news coverage.

A collective sigh of relief, the pound at a record two year high. A reversal of the flight of capital out of Scotland.

If, as in Catalonia, a genuine grass roots desire for independence, or at least greater autonomy, fine, but that is not what we have seen.

We have seen Scottish National Party browbeating people into submission.

When you have to force people to vote Yes, then something very very wrong.

Businesses in Scotland have been too scared to speak out.

There was a crude attempt to force the Provost of St Andrews to speak out for Yes. She had previously said it would be a disaster for St Andrews as a world leading academic institute.

Did people really wish to live in a one party state?

It became very clear in the last ten days or so of the campaign, the ramifications had not been clearly thought through.

Driving factors:

  • hatred of the English
  • ConDem government imposed austerity
  • collapse of the political system
  • autocratic rule by corrupt political elites

A huge mistake of Better Together Campaign, was to put discredited has-been politician Alistair Darling in charge. That was guaranteed to drive people into the opposite camp. It was a badly run campaign, that started with a clear lead and almost lost it.

Similarly David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband deciding to head to Scotland. They made the mistake of believing their own PR. Again more votes driven into the other camp.

If nothing else, exposed Ed Miliband as having no credibility. If Labour wishes to do well in next elections, they must dump Miliband and have a radical agenda. But sadly far far too late.

David Steel noticeably silent. But then, he covered up for paedophile Cyril Smith, even recommended a Knighthood.

The only person to emerge with any credibility has been Gordon Brown. It was Gordon Brown who saved the day. And yet, Gordon Brown was warned to stay away from the campaign.

It is ironic, to say you want to be independent, then say wish to join EU.

A country without a currency.

A country with no money.

Oil is running out.

A country on the periphery of Europe, a potential basket case like Ireland, reliant upon EU bail outs and hand outs.

It was a farce, immigrants allowed to vote.

The one good thing it has galvanised people. Public meetings in every community. An incredible voter turn out.

What it has shown, is there is not a lack of interest in politics, there is a lack of interest in the corrupt bastards who sit in Westminster and every town hall, who are there to serve self-interests, line their own pockets, and do the bidding of Big Businesses.

We need constitutional reform, not just for Scotland, for the whole of the UK.

Scots are over-represented, their numbers should be cut.

They are also heavily subsidised, the subsidy should be cut.

When purely English affairs are being discussed, Scots, Irish and Welsh, should be barred from participation.

We badly need constitutional reform, but not only Scotland.

This cannot be stitched up by party leaders, neither can it be stitched up by the parties. It has to be a decision by the people, and has to be devolution of powers to the people, not to local councils or regional assemblies.

Town halls are just as out of touch as Westminster, and a lot more corrupt.

One of the factors driving the yes vote, was the level of disconnect.

This disconnect is not only at national level.

  • Lincolnshire: Philistine councillors attempt mass closure of public libraries
  • Rotten Borough of Rushmoor: Trashing of Aldershot and Farnborough town centres, destruction of c 1720s Tumbledown Dick for a Drive-Thru McDonald’s
  • Cornwall: A ten-year-old who has led the fight against library closure denied the opportunity to address the council

Post-result, a very intelligent discussion took place on BBC Radio 4 Any Questions (Friday 19 September 2014), And on the follow up Any Answers on the following day (after the repeat).

We cannot have a Scotland Bill rushed through Parliament. We have to have a Constitutional Bill, with as much discussion across the UK as took place in Scotland on the referendum.

Reform has to involve the people, it has to devolve power to the people. The final say, as with Scotland, has to be by the people.

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2 Responses to “Scotland votes NO”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Brain-dead back bench Tory MPs don’t get it.

    They are saying they will not give extra powers to Scotland. Had Scotland voted YES, those powers would have automatically transferred to Scotland.

    The main rationale behind the YES vote, was a dislike of these people.

    It will not be back bench Tories who will decide, it will be the people who will decide.

  2. Michelle Crowsfeet Says:

    Interesting post. I voted yes as a Green party non-Scot immigrant. Oh dear! lol All my English friends up here voted Yes, so I doubt the hatred of the English concept. I certainly never saw that. I’ve never been treated differently, as far as I know, for not being Scottish born. None of my Scottish in-laws (who all voted Yes from 16 to 80) are anti-English. Or anti anything beyond feeling we need change. Nothing changes if nothing changes…

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