Afternoon in Guildford

A hot, humid day.

Intention had been, lunch at the Guildford Institute. The lady who does the lunches had not turned up, worse still, she had not let anyone know, leaving everyone not only in the lurch, but also in the dark.

Recommendation to Guildford Institute Library:

  • Adultery
  • This Changes Everything

Lunch at The Keystone. The chef has left and the food is not as good.

Afternoon coffee and a cookie at Glutton & Glee. OK, but not as good as Harris + Hoole. A pity in the summer they do not stay open later. Five o’clock is far too early to close in the summer.

I looked in Harris + Hoole. I had coffee beans, what did they think? I was impressed. My regard for Harris + Hoole has gone up a notch. They serve excellent coffee, but they know about coffee beans too. The bad news was, the coffee beans were rubbish.

Has my taste of coffee gone awry. I thought that before. A cappuccino put my right. It was good, which is why I use Harris + Hoole as a benchmark. Th problem was not me, I have been served bad coffee.

Last week I had cappuccino off Jimmy Bean off the Winchester food market. I then, put it marginally ahead of Harris + Hoole. On reflection, I would probably give equal ranking, both excellent.

I tried a new coffee at Harris + Hoole. Specially brewed and not from the espresso machine. We spooned it. Not done that before. What was interesting, it was more like drinking quality tea than coffee.

Walking home, after eight o’clock, it was surprisingly warm, more like being in the street in Cyprus in September.

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