Afternoon in Winchester

Alton Station red sunflowers

Alton Station red sunflowers

Train arrived Alton Station five minutes before bus due to leave, so for once did not miss the bus.

But it is crazy, a bus timed to leave at same time train timed to arrive.

A little garden at the station, tended by volunteers. Lovely red sunflowers. I would love some seeds.

Very misty journey down to Winchester.



I alighted off the bus and walked down the hill into Winchester. Stunning views over the city.

Looking over the city, a nearby church, its tower visible.

Before crossing the bridge into the city, I looked up side street, St John’s Street and saw the church, a lovely flint church. I decided to walk up to it, though it would have been easier to have dropped down to it.

St John the Baptist, aka St John in the Soke, dating from 1142 (but probably much older), built into the hillside, the oldest church in Winchester.

Inside, an amazing sense of space. Also a sense of peace and quiet.

A wonderful location for a concert by Jewelia.

On the wall, tow wall paintings dating from 1280. The whole wall once covered by wall paintings, destroyed by Victorian ‘restoration’

Outside, a strange figure in a niche in the wall, a strange figure seemingly pulling a bell rope.

The Street, an old Roman road and a drovers way, the start of the Pilgrim’s Way on leaving Winchester. The route way-marked by a scallop shell, the same way marking as El Camino de Santiago.

St Swithun in Winchester, Thomas a Becket in Canterbury.

I wanted to see Jimmy Bean, but his battered Citroen van was not on the market.

I looked in Ginger Two. Lunch already finished.

I tried Eat, Drink and Be. Food wise not good, a few sandwiches, not much else. I settled for a bowl of soup. Which was ok.

Luckily, Eat, Drink and Be had coffee beans roasted by Winchester coffee roasters. I picked up two bags of beans, one a blend, one single source, bith roasted on 8 September 2014.

Why do not other coffee roasters list the date of the roast? It is important.

A sandwich and a cake and a tea in Ginger Two.

Their tea is awful. They seriously need to change their tea supplier. They would do better with loose leaf tea from Waitrose, loose leaf breakfast tea from M&S, and failing that, go to a specialist tea supplier, such as Stokes on High Bridge in Lincoln.

I had time to walk along the River Itchen, out through the back streets and along the river in the open countryside.

Walking back, I saw a kingfisher.

I thought 25 minutes would be sufficient time to walk back.

I just made the last bus as It was about to pull out of the bus station.

At Alton, the train departed before I could alight from the bus.

Breakfast with the bikers at the Station Cafe, Wednesday night being Bikers Night (last Wednesday of the month during winter).

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