A Tiny Ring (I remember once again)

Another beautiful haunting song from Jewelia, moving words too.

If I remember correctly, A Tiny Ring (I remember once again) was part of Jewelia’s acoustic set at Staycation Live. She gave the background to the song.

Last month, Jewelia released her début EP Monsters.

Jewelia has been asked why not on iTunes?

A reasonable question, but not a reasonable suggestion.

A reasonable suggestion to anyone on iTunes or Amazon, is why not on bandcamp?

iTunes and Amazon, bad for artists, bad for music lovers.

On iTunes and Amazon, artists get a raw deal. But so do music lovers, a few seconds lofi sample.

On bandcamp, reasonable quality mp3 128, listen as often as you like, and if you choose to download, higher quality mp3 320 or studio quality FLAC and the artist gets a better cut. And bandcamp encourages sharing.

Downloads on bandcamp are often free or low price, but you can support the artist and pay more, many choose to pay more.

In response to the suggestion of iTunes, Jewelia wisely directed to bandcamp.

The more people support bandcamp, the better known it will become, and everyone will benefit.

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