Allpress Espresso

Jimmy Bean cappuccino made with Allpress coffee beans

Jimmy Bean cappuccino made with Allpress coffee beans

At Allpress it’s always about flavour … starting at coffee farms and finishing in your cup. Our obsession with the best tasting coffee involves selecting top grade Arabica beans, using innovative roasting technology, training baristas and the expertise of our people. — Michael Allpress

Allpress Espresso are a coffee roaster located in Shoreditch in London.

I came across their beans on Jimmy Bean, a coffee stall on the food market in Winchester.

I asked when were the beans roasted. I was told Monday. And that was good enough for me.

Usually no one knows and I would suggest as Allpress Espresso are selling quality beans, they follow the example set by Winchester coffee roasters and mark on their packs when roasted, as that is important.

I need quality beans for freddo cappuccino or freddo espresso, knowing when roasted important.

Jimmy Bean offered, as I was buying a pack of beans, to try the coffee.

To compare with what I have elsewhere, I asked for a cappuccino. The purists would probably frown, and say I should have had an espresso, but then I would not be comparing like with like.

The cappuccino was excellent. Better than Harris + Hoole Guildford (which I use as a benchmark as excellent coffee) and possibly on a par with Stokes on High Bridge in Lincoln.

Allpress source top-quality Arabica beans from small farms, estates and co-ops, that are sustainably managed with high standards of agricultural practice and specialise in high grade beans.

Usually such beans are single sourced, from named farms or growers. In that Allpress are unusual. The beans I bought, Redchurch Blend, were a blend from several different countries.

Note: The amazing reggae track is Dust And Dirt, title track from Dust And Dirt by The Black Seeds, a New Zealand reggae band.

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