Cytronex electric cycles



Just before I cross a bridge into Winchester town centre, a cycle shop. I see in the window an electric-powered cycle. Curious where is the power pack, I assume must be built into the frame. I walk in. I learn, this is a workshop of Cytronex where they build the bikes, also their showroom, and I find I am speaking to the engineer who builds the bikes. The battery is cleverly disguised as the water bottle.

Strictly speaking, electric assisted cycle. Peddle as normal, but when need a little, the battery kicks in.

The motor is not where I would expect on the rear wheel, it is on the front wheel. Pulled along rather than pushed along.

The size of the motor is approximately the size of when bikes used to have a dynamo built into the hub of the rear wheel.

He hands me a water bottle. It is heavy. He shows the the power supply for charging. It is about the size of a power pack inside a desktop computer.

The batteries are made of nickel metal hydride.

I ask why not lithium ion, as lighter.

Too expensive and get too hot.

I ask why not charge a battery en-route. With a car, motor becomes a generator and applies breaking.

They have thought of this, but would only generate about ten percent of the required electricity to recharge and not worth the extra complexity.

The battery pack delivers about 36oW.

I notice the cycles are using quality Shimano components.

Expensive. The one in the window £1300.

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