Yet again piss-poor service in Lidl

unhappy shoppers enduring piss-poor service in Lidl

unhappy shoppers enduring piss-poor service in Lidl

Lidl seem to have nothing but contempt for their customers.

I now rarely visit Lidl because the service is so bad. Today was a rare visit. A horrendous experience, if anything, Lidl is getting worse.

Two till opens, long queues at both.

Eventually, a Nepalese cashier, stands up, she must have summoned someone, as a third till opens.

But even with three tills open there are still long queues.

There needed to have been at least four tills open.

Someone called Andy, takes a look, then walks back into an office. Clearly he does not give a toss.

Lady behind me, dumps what she had hoped to buy, and walks out in disgust. A pity more people do not do the same.

The only surprise, folk stayed as calm as they did, as there was some very angry people waiting in the queue.

People end up taking it out in the cashiers, but it is not their fault, it is the bad management that cuts corners and has poor staffing levels.

Welcome to Lidl, welcome to Aldershot, where piss-poor service is the norm.

Know a special person who has gone the extra mile? I would be grateful just to get decent service.


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