WHSmith Aldershot: Jo Nesbo’s latest book

Looking in Morrisons last week, I noticed Police, latest book from Jo Nesbo was half price.

If same offer in WHSmith, with 20% off voucher, then an even better deal.

I checked WHSmith Guildford last week on a fruitless search for Adultery, latest book from Paulo Coelho, on offer in WHSmith only you cannot find it, if they did have it and sold it, they do not restock. Where I had a bizarre conversation with thick-as-two-short-planks deputy manger who tried to tell me it was only ‘opinion’ Adultery an international best seller.

WHSmith Guildford, Police buy one get one half price. Not such a good deal.

It was therefore a surprise to see on Monday, Police still at half price in WHSmith Aldershot.

I looked in again today. A chart of paperbacks, Police that was at No1, now not shown in the charts. It could not have dropped out within the space of a week.

I looked around, found a second chart of paperbacks, where it was still shown at No1, and had a half price stickers. At least one had a half price sticker, the others had no stickers.

I also noticed, where shelved, buy one get one £1-99 (or something similar).

To be on the safe side, I took the one with the half price sticker to the counter.

Yes, it was half price, and yes, the second £1-99. I got a further 20% off with 20% off voucher.

This time I was given a get £5 off if you spend £15 voucher. Better even than a 20% off voucher if you spend £15, as getting third off, ie 33% off.

I queried, why was it shown buy one get one half price in WHSmith Guildford, to be told different stores had different prices.

I then asked did they have Paulo Coelho’s latest book? I had looked Monday, and not found where previously two copies had been randomly shelved.

No, they had not restocked when they sold their two copies when Adultery was published mid-August.

Unbelievable, an international best seller, from an international best selling author, Adultery entered New York Times best-seller last last Sunday at No2. This Sunday, Paulo Coelho a guest of Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday, first part of a two-part interview. An international best-seller that was on special offer in WHSmith (though no longer), that was not on display, those stores that had when they sold their copies, failed to restock.

Police, half price in some WHSmith stores, but not all. WHSith on-line, a higher price than in-store.

Jamie’s Comfort Food is on display at half price in WHSmith. It can be bought cheaper in Sainsbury’s.

I buy books, I was buying books. It was made very clear to me the store was closed, and I was politely asked to leave.

It is little wonder WHSmith a failing High Street chain. The only surprise is that they remain in businesses.

WHSmith would make a classic case study in a businesses school on how not to.

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