Paulo Coelho on Super Soul Sunday

On Sunday, Paulo Coelho will be a guest of Oprah Winfrey on Super Soul Sunday, 11am ET/PT.

The Alchemist, his best-known book, originally did not sell in Brazil, and was dropped by the publisher.

He knocked on doors, and eventually found a publisher who was willing to take a risk, even though he was publishing a book, another publisher dropped.

Three years later when the book was already a half a million copies in Brazil, Paulo asked his publisher ‘Why did you accept a book that was already published and it was a flop?’ He replied ‘I don’t know.’

The Alchemist has gone on to sell 70 million copies.

Last week it was No2 in the New York Times best-seller list. It had recorded three-hundred and eighteen continuous weeks in the New York Times best seller list.

Adultery, his latest book published last week, entered the New York Times best-seller list at No2.

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2 Responses to “Paulo Coelho on Super Soul Sunday”

  1. keithpp Says:

    Excellent discussion between Paulo Coelho and Oprah Winfrey of The Alchemist on Super Soul Sunday.

    Part two of this two part interview live-streamed on Sunday.

    Malala opens a library and gifts The Alchemist

  2. keithpp Says:

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