Dinner at Zaffron

complimentary poppadoms

complimentary poppadoms

chicken korma served in this beautiful bowl

chicken korma served in this beautiful bowl

It several years since I have eaten at Zaffron. I had forgotten how good the food could be. A rarity for Farnborough, somewhere worth eating.

I was there when they opened for a drink. I thought maybe stay and eat, but it filled up with very noisy people. Very unpleasant and I decided to leave. I did leave, but then thought, they have gone through to the dining room, the bar was now quiet, I was tired and hungry, I returned and asked to eat at a table by the bar. They said yes.

I ordered chicken korma, mushroom bajhi and rice. And for drink a glass of water.

Whilst I was waiting, I was given complimentary poppadoms.

I did not have too long to wait for my dinner. It was served rice in a bowl, chicken korma in a metal bowl with a lid, and mushroom bajhi in a bowl.

All the food was served piping hot, the plate hot, and a linen napkin.

The mushroom bajhi bore no resemblance to an onion bajhi. It was simply a bowl of vegetables, which I did not like.

The chicken korma was excellent, the sauce delicate, chunks of delicious chicken.

It put to shame the disgusting curries served by J D Wetherpoon. Any one who eats, has never eaten decent Indian food, if they had, they would not eat again.

Zaffron, one of the few places worth eating in Farnborough, is like the other three businesses at Firgrove Parade, under threat of destruction, following last year Rushmoor granted planning consent for the area to be redeveloped.

The application to close the public right of way crossing Firgrove Parade has been challenged at a Public Inquiry.

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12 Responses to “Dinner at Zaffron”

  1. Tony Lea Says:

    Keith you knock a Wetherspoons curry but I was at the Camberley one a couple of weeks ago for a curry, 2 poppadum’s, basmati rice, naan bread and mango chutney and a pint of Real Ale £4.99. Superb value for money and fine. Of course it would be nowhere as good as yours at Zaffron but come on please be realistic with your comparisons and knockings and think how much you paid for yours.

  2. keithpp Says:

    A burger at McDonald’s cheap, it is also disgusting.

    Same applies to curry at J D Wetherspoon.

    Anyone who thinks curry at J D Wetherspoon is good, has clearly never had a decent curry (and most Indian restaurants do not serve decent curries).

    I have had a curry at The Queen Hotel, and it was disgusting, it looked disgusting and the taste was disgusting. But then I did not expect anything else, as they are not going to be able to do a decent curry, irrespective of price.

    It is laughable, when on a Thursday, Wetherspoon promote themselves as the largest curry house in the country.

    Meals are one of the few areas where there is little correlation with price. Paying a high price, does not guarantee a decent meal. The skill is finding decent food at a reasonable price.

    At a restored 17th century castle near Cascais in Portugal, a meal at well in excess of 100 euros, and yes it was good, though not every course was good.

    I would though differentiate between meals and food, there is no such thing as cheap food, all we do is externalise the cost to society and the environment, as we saw with the horsemeat scandal (which is still on-going).

  3. keithpp Says:

    Curry night at J D Wetherspoon, £6-49, at least that is what the board outside The Queen Hotel says this evening. And yes, includes a free pint.

    I agree cheap, but what you are getting is disgusting.

    Dinner at Zaffron, £16-20, though they did overcharge for the rice, I ordered steamed rice, but was charged for more expensive rice. I let it go, as I was given complimentary poppadoms. To drink, water. I did have a drink earlier,and one later, but as not with the meal, I have not counted. The bill does include second drink, half a pint of Cobra.

    The dishes were such, as more than sufficient for two.

    J D Wetherspoon use their buying power, to buy in cheap drink, for their guest ales, they ring round the small breweries and buy up what is reaching end of life and would otherwise be poured down the drain.

    If you use cheap ingredients, poorly skilled staff, then the end product will not be good.

    That was the revolution Ray Kroc brought to McDonald’s, a standardised cheap product, button pushing that any moron could operate.

    If you want good food, you have to be prepared to pay for it, though as already noted, when eating out, little correlation between price paid and quality of meal served.

  4. Tony Lea Says:

    Keith sure Wetherspoons use their buying power but they certainly don’t have to do what you suggest in paragraph 5. They offer deals to local breweries at a very competitive price and the brewery can decide what to do take it or leave it. It certainly helps to promote themselves if they do and this is a view that many of them take into account as well as the volume.

    Wetherspoons do price the local market hence the same curry you bought in Aldershot for £6.49p is only £4.99 in Camberley because they have competition from the Goose across the road and the ex Yates now the Surrey Arms next door.

    Yes for your last paragraph and believe it not there are good and bad Spoons serving what you class as their disgusting food so please steer clear even more so from the bad ones 🙂

  5. John Says:

    You may be right that anyone who thinks a Wetherspoon’s Curry is good has never had a decent curry but I would have to think the same of anyone who goes to a decent Indian restaurant only to order a Chicken Korma 😉

  6. keithpp Says:

    J D Wetherspoon buy up beer that the average pub could not shift. They get a very good deal, as otherwise it would be poured down the drain. That is why from one day to the next, see different guest ales, which are free with a meal. Plus, of course like supermarkets, they use their buying power to force down prices.

    No, I did not know different pubs had different prices. I assumed as standardised product, the same price.

    At £4.99, assume £2.50 (if not more for the beer), that leaves £2.50 or less, for the meal.

    No one cane produce a meal at that price, not even a back street dingy joint employing cheap if not illegal immigrant labour.

    Wetherspoon in Guildford, food always disgusting.

    Wetherspoon in Aldershot variable, from disgusting, through mediocre, to reasonable.

    But I would not expect anywhere other than an Indian restaurant,and even most of them are not good, to be capable of producing a decent Indian meal.

    Zaffron is a rarity on Farnborough, a decent meal can be had.

  7. Tony Lea Says:

    Try the 14oz Aberdeen Angus steak on a Tuesday its £2 extra on the steak night prices. I’ve have 3 at different Spoons and they have been as good as any USA steak and very reasonably priced. I have it medium rare.

  8. keithpp Says:

    I have had 14oz Aberdeen Angus steak, and it was disgusting.

    Rump and sirloin, variable. It depends on the cut, and how cooked.

    Last time I had a sirloin steak, I could see looking at it, that it was going to be disgusting,and I was not proved wrong. It was the cut. I should have sent it back. I walked out, leaving half eaten.

    But then I expect no better from a chain.

    US is not somewhere I would look for decent food.

  9. Tony Lea Says:

    I hold my white flag up. Debate lost 🙂

  10. keithpp Says:


  11. keithpp Says:

    I could provide a long list of places worth eating, yes, more expensive than J D Wetherspoon, though not a lot more expensive, and no, does not include a free drink.

    Adultery has interesting comments on wine and eating out in expensive restaurants in Geneva.

  12. Susan Prophet Says:

    Zaffron is closed now.

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