Lunch at Caffe Macchiato

spaghetti con polpette

spaghetti con polpette



Aldershot is infamous for its disgusting junk food outlets, which dominate the town.

Therefore to find somewhere decent to eat in Aldershot, could almost be classed as a miracle.

Caffe Macchiato is one such place.

A lovely little restaurant, seating outside, inside, art on the walls.

Everything is freshly prepared, from fresh, wherever possible locally sourced ingredients, fresh, not dried herbs.

Spaghetti con polpette, spaghetti with meatballs, onion and tomato sauce, was delicious. Nicely presented. Generous portion size, indeed over generous. Fresh ground pepper was added, as was Parmesan cheese.

I returned later and had a cappuccino sttting outside.

Caffe Macchiato used to be excellent for coffee, and I often drop by for a coffee, but something is going wrong with their coffee. What I do not know. I suspect the beans, though it could also be the machine.

Sitting outside is very pleasant, or would be, were it not for the crass stupidity of the local council allowing late afternoon traffic through a pedestrianised street. And it could get worse if plans by the council to pour £4.5 million down the drain, for which there has been no consultation, digging up and repaving the street, are not stopped.

Caffe Macchiato used to stay open until 7pm, but now closes at 6pm.

Occasional live music in the evening.

Free wifi.

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