Lunch at Thai restaurant

crispy spring rolls

crispy spring rolls

lunch at Thai restaurant

main course

Lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

Usually I only have the main course, but today I was hungry, and added crispy pancake rolls as a starter.

Did I want a desert? No, I would have afternoon tea or coffee later with a cake or a cookie.

I remind them of farmers market on Tuesday.

A girl with half a dozen kids. I ask are they able to use chopsticks? They say yes. I am quite impressed when they ask for chopsticks, and yes, they are able to use.

I act as Pied Piper, take them to the Castle Grounds and show them Alice Through the Looking Glass. How I do not lose any of them on the way, I do not know, but they seem streetwise.

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4 Responses to “Lunch at Thai restaurant”

  1. misakouroco Says:

    How kind of you! It sounds like you provided a wonderful time for everybody 🙂

  2. keithpp Says:

    More than you may have thought.

    They were unable to pay their restaurant bill. I paid it for them, around $60.

  3. misakouroco Says:

    Wow!! You’re a good samaritan! Makes me feel good about the world 😉

  4. keithpp Says:

    Thank you.

    Think if everyone did a good deed every day.

    I booked Jewelia for Caffe Macchiatio.

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