Afternoon in Guildford

Did WHSmith have Paulo Coelho’s latest book? Yes, one copy, and no longer on special offer at half price.

Waterstone’s much better, a very helpful young lady with flowers in her hair, told me they had several copies, it had been on display on a table, all sold and seven more copies delivered which she was about to put out. She also told me she had started reading Adultery and it was very good.

A quick trip along the market.

I looked in the Guildford Institute. Building work hopefully finished soon, and lunches back in two weeks time. And yes, interested in booking Jewelia, which is excellent news.

lunch at Thai restaurant

lunch at Thai restaurant

Lunch at Thai restaurant in Jeffries Passage.

A girl with half a dozen kids. I ask are they able to use chopsticks? They say yes. I am quite impressed when they ask for chopsticks, and yes, they are able to use.

I act as Pied Piper, take them to the Castle Grounds and show them Alice Through the Looking Glass. How I do not lose any of them on the way, I do not know, but they seem streetwise.

I say goodbye, they go off to catch a bus home, I go to Harris + Hoole for a cappuccino and coffee.

Of late, the coffee I have had has not been very good. Was it me, or the coffee? The coffee in Harris + Hoole confirms it was the coffee. Beans, machine, barista, I do not know.

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