Ginger Two

Ginger Two

Ginger Two

Ginger Two is a little coffee bar down a side street off the High Street in Winchester.

I spotted it as I was looking for Eat Drink and Be. None too impressed by the lunchtime menu, I carried on with my search for Eat Drink and Be. I eventually found Eat Drink and Be, right at the top of the High Street. Lacking in atmosphere, I decided to walk back down to Ginger Two.

I was too late for lunch, kitchen closed, but they did offer to knock me up a sandwich.

Prawns, lots if them, served in quality brown bread, with a few leaves.

I was not though impressed be served a glass of warm water. They should at least of run the tap, and most places usually drop in a slice of lemon, often ice too.

Lots of delicious looking cakes on display, which I indulged in with a pot of Ceylon tea.

They warned me their breakfast tea was very strong. The Ceylon tea I found to be very weak.

I made the mistake of drinking with milk. I drink tea with no milk, but when out, usually with milk, as never quality tea.

The tea was in a tea bag. I would have preferred loose tea leaves as alwasy better tea. But at least not teapigs which is rubbish tea from Tetley, masquerading as high quality tea from an indie tea company.

Very posh stunningly attractive girls serving. And very friendly and helpful. Knew and took an interest and pride in what they were serving. A marked difference to Costa or tax-dodging Starbucks.

I noticed coffee was on sale, both what they were serving (which I did not try), but only in 1kg bags, which is why they also sold a different sourced coffee as available in smaller bags.

Ginger Two would be a good location for BookCrossing.

Wifi? I do not know, I did not ask, but I did not notice anyone using laptops or tablets.

lack of wifi could be seen as a plus, as people were actually sat talking to each other.

Walls would be better deployed exhibiting local artists.

Open until six o’clock, Thursday, Friday and Saturday until nine o’clock when morphs into a wine bar.

Begs the question why does anyone frequent Costa or Starbucks or Caffe Nero, overpriced disgusting coffee, factory cakes and awful corporate environment? But then why does anyone eat in McDonald’s.

Diagonally opposite Ginger Gelato, an ice cream parlour. Outside, quote of the day. Suggest each day, a quote from Adultery, Paulo Coelho’s latest book.

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