WHSmith Lincoln: Paulo Coelho’s latest book

Adultery love isn't a feeling; it's an art

Adultery love isn’t a feeling; it’s an art

Having checked yesterday and been blatantly lied to

  • not true Adultery not shown on system
  • not true cannot order in store for delivery to store
  • not true have to order on-line for delivery to store

did WHSmith Lincoln have Paulo Coelho’s lastest book in stock?

Not known, as no could be bothered to unpack the delivery.

Maybe they would know later in the morning, say around midday.

Er no, as no one would have unpacked the delivery. The delivery would not be unpacked until the following day.

Later in the day, it was learnt WHSmith Lincoln had copies of Adultery, how many copies not known.

It is unbelievable anyone can conduct business in this slapdash manner and still remain in business.

Adultery, published last week, an international best-seller from an international best selling author, WHSmith has it on special offer at half price, only they do not know if in stock because no one can be arsed to unpack a delivery, let alone not as one would expect have on prominent display!

If you have an international best-seller on special offer, do you not have it in stock on prominent display?

It is little wonder WHSmith a failing High Street chain, permanent fire sales. The only surprise is that they remain in business.

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