WHSmith Farnham: Paulo Coelho’s latest book

Adultery two copies in Farnham churchyard

Adultery two copies in Farnham churchyard

I had been told yesterday by a helpful young lady in WHSmith Aldershot that WHSmith Farnham had copies of Adultery.

I looked at hardbacks on offer, nada; hardbacks latest releases, nada; hardback charts, nada. Their back desk that serves as information desk unmanned. I found a young lady by the books.

I asked for Paulo Coelho’s latest book. I draw a blank look. Given the title, she knew what I was talking about, but said they had none. This surprised me, having been sent by WHSmith Aldershot. She said she would check out the back, if I did not mind waiting.

She returned with a smile, a copy in her hand. How many do you have in stock? Two. OK, I will have two.

On offer, half price. A better deal than Amazon. I had a 20% off voucher. An even better deal than Amazon.

Had I not spoken to this one helpful young lady, who knew what I was asking for, I would have walked away empty handed.

It beggars belief. Adultery, an international best-seller, from an international best selling author, on special offer, and yet no publicity, not on display.

I noticed hardback charts had blank spaces, as had hardback books on special offer. Would, it if out, be in one of these blank spots? Apparently not. Even of they have not got the books in stock that would fill these blanks spots, they are not allowed to substitute any other book, even if on the same offer. That is the diktat from the morons at head office.

How can anyone run a business like like this? No wonder WHSmith is a failing High Street chain that relies on permanent fire sales. The only surprise is that they remain in business.

But at least I had finally got what I was looking for, having stripped WHSmith Farnham of their entire stock, I would have said striped the shelves but had not yet got out onto the shelves, stripped them of their entire stock of two copies.

It is a sick joke. I knew what to ask for, I had even been directed there by WHSmith Aldershot. Anyone else, would not even have known Paulo Coelho had a new book on sale, let alone that it was on special offer (beating Amazon).

As the young lady was very helpful, I suggested she check out the excellent Wall Street Journal article on Paulo Coelho. 

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One Response to “WHSmith Farnham: Paulo Coelho’s latest book”

  1. Harry Parkins Says:

    Pleased you got the books you wanted at a good price from WHSmiths.

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