WHSmith Aldershot: Paulo Coelho’s latest book



Heavy showers all day, as a result, only made WHSmith Aldershot a little before they closed. Twelve minutes to be exact, but would have thought already closed as shutters down, lights turned off. How to make customer welcome.

Layout appears random, I asked did they have Paulo Coelho’s latest book, which was published today?

Although the one and only girl, there appeared to be no one else in the store, tried to be helpful, she had not a clue what I was asking for, and I had to spell several times.

She looked it up, no.

I expressed surprise, said it was published today. She said try next day, when they had a delivery.

Delivery day was Thursday, ie today, and this had been confirmed two days ago, otherwise I would not have made the trip to Aldershot. Yes, delivery was today, but no one could be bothered to unpack the delivery.

It is little surprise WHSmith is a failing High Street chain, with permanent fire sales as the only way to stay in businesses. The only surprise is that they are still in business.

It is easy to see why people buy from Amazon, it is not only that cheaper, in this case near enough half price, it is that you get prompt service. Had I placed an advance order, I would have had delivery today.

Adultery published today, is an international best seller, from an international best selling author. Adultery has shot to Number One in most if not all countries on release.

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3 Responses to “WHSmith Aldershot: Paulo Coelho’s latest book”

  1. keithpp Says:

    I looked in again today.

    Again helpful young lady.

    She looked up on her computer.

    Zero copies in stock (it was at least now showing).

    Half price. 1p cheaper than Amazon, 20% discount with voucher, making 20% cheaper than Amazon.

    There were copies in WHSmith Farnham and WHSmith Guildford.

    I expressed my surprise, an international best seller, from an international best selling author, on offer at half price, and yet no publicity, no copies in stock.

    I would expect big poster, copies piled up on display, in the window.

    No small wonder WHSmith, and for that matter Waterstone’s with only one copy per store, failing High Street chains.

    Helpful young lady took on board what I had to say. A lot more intelligent than staff usually found working in WHSmith, especially in Aldershot.

    I suggested she checked out on-line the extract from Adultery and the excellent article in The Wall Street Journal.

    View at Medium.com

    View at Medium.com

  2. keithpp Says:

    I visited WHSmith Farnham, found they had two copies of Adultery, but only because I asked, they were not out on the shelves.

    Two copies, their entire stock.


  3. keithpp Says:

    The following week, I popped in and thanked the young lady.


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