Late lunch at Caffe Macchiato

spaghetti con polpette

spaghetti con polpette

Thanks to heavy showers and thunderstorm, I was in Aldershot far later than I had intended. Barely sufficient to visit WHSmith before they closed. A wasted journey, no they did not have Adultery, no idea when available (it was published today). WHSmith once again ably demonstrating why they are a failing High Street chain.

I was hungry. I decided late lunch at Caffe Macchiato was the order of the day.

Too cool to sit outside.

Spaghetti con polpette, spaghetti with meatballs, onion and tomato sauce, was delicious. Nicely presented. Generous portion size, indeed over generous. Fresh ground pepper was added, as was Parmesan cheese. The Parmesan cheese was a little over done, but that was my fault, I said yes, not realising I needed to say enough.

Like the little Italian coffee shop in Alton, Bottega dei Sapori, everything at Caffe Macchiato is freshly prepared using fresh ingredients.

As with everyone else in Aldershot, Caffe Macchiato has been hit by Wastegate. They will be hit again if the unwanted plans to squander £4.5 million in Aldershot goes ahead. Plans for which there is strong opposition and has been no consultation.

Infamous for its junk food outlets, Caffe Macchiato is a rare example of somewhere worth eating in Aldershot.

Caffe Macchiato is also good for coffee. I occasionally drop by and enjoy a cappuccino. Why does anyone drink disgusting coffee at Costa when they can walk up the street and get a decent coffee?

I would have had a tea or coffee or maybe a Peroni, but it was not raining, and as there had been heavy showers and thunderstorms all day, I decided not to risk it, leave and catch the bus. I may as well not have bothered, the bus failed to tun up, neither did the next bus, finally a clapped-out double-decker bus turned up.

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