Yet another pound shop opens its doors in Aldershot



The opening of poundworld in Aldershot today brings to three the number of pound shops in Aldershot: 99p Stores, Quids In, and now poundworld.

As to be expected, it was packed, it was after all market day.

The service was good, staff pleasant, no long wait at the tills. Contrast with Lidl, one till open, long queue.

No zero hours contracts.

But does poundworld hate its staff and customers? Loud moronic music thudding out. A very unpleasant environment to either work or shop in.

Poor choice compared with 99p Stores, and they are 1p cheaper on each item.

This is the only poundworld in Hampshire. What does that say about Aldershot?


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3 Responses to “Yet another pound shop opens its doors in Aldershot”

  1. Iain Says:

    I popped into Poundworld late this afternoon. It was also quite busy, but I was pleasantly surprised at the number of staff around, and to see all the tills open! If they keep this up, other stores should take note.

    I also felt that their wares were rather better presented than many other discount stores, particularly the 99p Store.

    I actually quite liked the selection of “musak” that they had playing while I was there – it certainly seemed more pleasant that what I seem to catch playing at a number of other chain stores around town from time to time.

  2. keithpp Says:

    I agree, the presentation was much better than the shabby 99p Stores. But check the one in Farnborough, which is much better.

    The staffing was good, they were pleasant, no queues at the tills.

    On entry, handed a basket, at the till, a member of staff serving, one packing.

    Design of tills bad, nowhere to put goods whilst packing. Also bad for staff, as no stool, they are forced to stand all day.

    The service puts to shame the other stores in Aldershot, especially Lidl. The service in M&S is pretty bad too.

    But note, staff were brought in from other stores, from as far afield as Swindon. Whether this level of service will continue, remains to be seen.

    The music was horrendous, loud thud thud thud. I had a headache and could not get out quick enough. Bad for customers and staff. There should be no music.

  3. Admin Samsung Clan Says:

    All these shops are closed now.

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