Waterstone’s Godalming: Paulo Coelho new book

Adultery park bench Korea

Adultery park bench Korea

Whilst at Staycation Live on Saturday, I inquired at Waterstone’s Godalming, new book Paulo Coelho coming out this month.

I actually had to look in twice. The first time I looked in, no one behind the counter, no sight of any staff in the store. It was like a scene from the Mary Celeste.

Second time lucky. I spoke to the young man behind the counter. Remind me of the title, he asked, I have already had one inquiry.


Thank you, I will know for next time.

He looked it up and told me mid-August, one copy ordered for the store.

As he was helpful, I explained this was an international best-seller, from an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, that it had shot to Number One, in most if not all countries published, surely, should it not be piled high in the window, more than one copy ordered?

He agreed, thanked me, and said he would be raising it with the buyer.

Waterstone’s Godalming is a small Waterstone’s, more like an indie bookshop, the staff helpful, at least some are. The worry though is, whenever I find good staff, I never see them again.

It is the same with Waterstone’s Guildford, only this is a large bookshop, former Ottaker’s flagship store. I do not visit for a while, I look in, and it is new staff.

Waterstone’s must have very high staff turnover, which suggests they must be a bad employer.

And even worse, those who take an interest in books, talk to the customers, are the ones who leave.

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