Guildford farmers market

Sweetcorn, strawberries off one stall, then returned later, peas and a squash. I mentioned the last time the strawberries got squashed, and I was given a lid.

Strawberries when I go them home, were overripe. Sweetcorn was excellent.

Bread and flapjacks off Celtic Baker.

A stall dedicated to watercress, watercress scones, watercress burgers, watercress soup, and of course watercress. The soup was a ludicrous price, £3 a pot.

Scones can be savoury (eg cheese scones), plain (as I had at the Octagon with cream and jam at Staycation Live on Sunday) or with currants. With watercress! I had for tea. They were not good. When cut in half, green, as bread or scones go when mouldy. They did not taste good. As though salty, but not salty. Maybe it was the taste of the water cress.

Paella stall did very well. Sold out by lunchtime, and I had the last lemonade. The lemonade had a kick, very refreshing on a hot summers day.

The last time I saw Secretts Farm, the sweetcorn was not in good condition. This afternoon even worse, dried up and papery white. This is very unusual for Secretts Farm, as their produce is usually top quality. I regret I did not raise it with them.

Pasty stall had no pasties left. I thought, ham from The Joint. No ham.

Plums off apple juice stall. He did tell me what variety they were, but I have forgotten. The plums that appear before Victoria plums. He confirmed what I have noticed, plums and everything else is early, the seasons are shifting.

Man on the Celtic Bakers stall, was not the usual stallholder. He dropped his serving tongs in the street, picked them up, and continued using them.

Lunch at The Keystone. As last Friday, no fish cakes. I ordered courgette soup (at least a summer soup not a winter soup). I than added king size prawns. Perversely, the prawns were served first, before the soup, but at least they were delicious.

Pubs are going out of businesses, 26 a week. I need a venue, maybe for an alternative fringe book festival, maybe for a launch party for an album release. I visited a pub Friday, twice today. Friday, landlord too busy with paperwork, Today, not there, then on my return, in a meeting. On each visit, the pub empty.

Sorry no pictures. I decided to give battery a top up charge. I then forgot the battery, camera but no battery.

Guildford farmers market takes place in Guildford High Street on the first Tuesday of the month. Last month there was an additional Saturday market at the end of July during the Guildford Summer Festival, though it would be better if this extra market for the summer festival was a food festival. Godalming has an excellent food festival, Woking has a food festival, why not Guildford? Experience Guildford are seeking projects to support, kickstart, to provide a lasting legacy for Guildford. A Guildford Food Festival should be one such project. Make it one of the events of Guildford Fringe.

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