WH Smith Guildford: Paulo Coelho’s latest book

Paulo Coelho has a new book, Adultery, out mid-August. Would the experience in Guildford be any better than previous releases?

Previous experience in WH Smith has been dire. New book out, on special offer,and yet no mention, no publicity, staff unaware.

I asked at the counter. Young man had not a clue. I had to write out the author.

He looked it up. No, no information on their system, no idea when available, no idea how many copies, no idea if on offer.

I noticed 20% off vouchers on the counter. I picked up a handful, may come in use as valid until end of August.

WH Smith a sick joke. No wonder a failing chain that has permanent fire sales, books massively discounted.

Adultery is an international best seller, from an international best selling author. Adultery has shot to Number One in most if not all countries on release.

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One Response to “WH Smith Guildford: Paulo Coelho’s latest book”

  1. Sebnem Says:

    Hello Keith. Thank you for the heads up , as I will buy this book , but probably not from WHS.

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