Afternoon in Guildford

Our Borough a Great Place

Our Borough A Great Place

Another hot afternoon, although not as hot as previous afternoons in Guildford, or maybe I am simply getting used to the heat and high temperatures.

I popped in The Keystone. Last week, I had forgotten to get them to stamp my Guildford Independent’s Day card. No stamps. They have thrown them away. I hope they have not thrown away the maps, as still very useful. Something Experience Guildford should be advising all participants, do not throw away the maps, as they show all the indie businesses in the town centre.

I inquire both Waterstone’s and WH Smith, new book Paulo Coelho due out mid-August. Neither shop had a clue.

Quick shop on the street market.

Guildford Institute Library closed until September. I wish they had told me last week. But at least I had a chat, discussed the possibility of Fringe Book Festival, leaned that kitchen had been ripped out, new kitchen for September.

No fish cakes at The Keystone. I was only in Guildford for lunch. Courgette soup was good (at least now onto the summer soups).

Whilst at The Keystone, I realised, I had handed in cards for Guildford Independent’s Day, but been so focussed on getting them stamped, had neglected to leave contact details. I enquired at Tourist Information. Yes, they had a couple. They were mine, as I recognised where stamped, contact details filled out.

I looked in Ben’s Records. He said check out The Keep.

Not been in before, or at least not for many years. They have done a very good job. Very informal, a tiny bar tucked in one corner. They were part of the Guildford Fringe. It would be ideal venue for Fringe Book Festival. Maybe a poetry evening.

Excellent musicians in the High Street, Tomm Blackwood bottom end of the High Street and a lady singing opposite Tourist Information.

Our Borough A Great Place, a large banner hung across the High Street, encouraging people to participate in the Local Plan. A few weeks ago, flyers were being handed out outside Guildford Station. Contrast with Aldershot, £4.5 million to be poured down the drain, no discussion with local community, local businesses, usual arrogant contempt by the local council. Goes some way to explain why Aldershot is a dump people avoid, whereas Guildford attracts visitors.

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