Shifting seasons



We are used to seeing spring arrive earlier and earlier, but autumn?

From mid-July, changes I would not have expected to see until late August or early September, are happening now.

Mid-July leaves turning brown on horse chestnuts.

Mid-July hazelnuts ready. In the last few days hazelnuts falling off the bushes, and the last day or so, the squirrels stripping the bushes. I would not usually expect until September, unfortunately then the squirrels get in first and strip the bushes. Last couple of years I have managed to get a few, as they start falling off the bushes early, catching the squirrels unaware.

Last week or so blackberries ripe and ready to eat. As a child, blackberries would be ripening and ready to eat last two weeks of August.

Plums have been available for over a week. Plums usually in August.

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One Response to “Shifting seasons”

  1. mchristinegrimard Says:

    I love BlackBerries, to eat them under the sun in the end of Summer, or to make teasty jam for eating then during all the winter !

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