Israeli Defence Force should receive the Nobel Peace Prize

‘Israeli Defence Force should receive the Nobel Peace Prize … for fighting with unmanageable restraint’, these were the words uttered by Ron Dermer, Israeli ambassador to the US, when addressing a Christians-for-Israel summit in Washington.

The same Ron Dermer, attacked the New York Times, not exactly known for its pro-Palestine stance, for failing ‘to mention that a million Israelis were in bomb shelters yesterday as 100 rockets were fired at our civilian population’.

Ron Dermer calls the New York Times, an ’embarrassment to journalism’.

At least the Israelis have somewhere to hide. Palestinians have nowhere to hide as they are bombed by the most highly militarised nation on earth.

This morning, Israel targeted a UN school, not the first UN school they have targeted. They have also targeted hospitals.

Later in the day, Israel targeted a market.

Yesterday, Israel targeted and destroyed the only electrical power station in Gaza. Maybe Israel thinks Hamas has electrical powered rockets.

Israel is destroying Gaza, neighbourhood by neighbourhood.

Gaza has no means of self defence, no anti-tank missiles, no surface-to-air missiles, and yet Israel calls for Gaza to be demilitarised, a call echoed by Zionist apologists.

In US, a Gallop Poll of Americans aged between 18 to 29, 51% said action by Israel was not justified, 23% said action was justified. One wonders what the figures would be if US lacked such a pro-Israel biased media.

In the UK, almost two thirds of the British public (62%) believe that the Israeli government is committing war crimes, according to a YouGov poll. One must assume the remaining third rely on BBC for their news.

The YouGov survey, conducted 27-28 July 2104, comes days after a separate poll carried out on behalf of The Sunday Times showed that 52% of the British public sees Israel’s bombing of the Gaza Strip as “unjustified”. Questioned about their attitude to the conflict more generally, 27% said their sympathies lie more with the Palestinians, while 14% said their sympathies lay more with the Israelis.

When I hear the Judeo-Fascists speak, it is like I am hearing something straight out of Nineteen Eighty-Four.

Israel was founded by terrorists, on land that was not theirs.

Appalling hypocrisy by the US. One the one hand condemn Israeli atrocities and call for a ceasefire on the other hand re-supply Israel with munitions in order that mass slaughter and destruction can continue. Americans should hang their heads in shame.

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