Aldershot Live Music Day

Aldershot Live Music Day

Aldershot Live Music Day

Aldershot Live Music Day or Guildford farmers market. No contest, Guildford farmers market it was.

The last couple of years, Aldershot Live Music Day has been dire to say the least. Far, far better music to be found on the High Street in Guildford.

No lessons have been learnt. As previous years, zilch publicity, nothing in the street. Contrast with Guilfest, three day music festival in Guildford last weekend, posters plastered on all the empty shop fronts (of which there are a lot in Aldershot).

I passed by the bandstand in the little park a little after half past four. A female rock group was playing. They were quite good. But, the crowds to say the least were thin on the ground.

For lovers of music next weekend Staycation Live in Godalming. It is unfortunate it also clashes with Westival at the West End Centre.

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  1. The Three Musketeers | Tinseltown Times Says:

    […] Guildford yes, Aldershot no. And yet, it was packed, far more people, probably ten times as many as Aldershot Live Music Day attracts. But then Aldershot Live Music day is pretty dire and has zilch […]

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